Sunday, August 11, 2013

BYE-BYE Name Tags!

One of my pet peeves is when name tags start to curl, peel, and  look like they just came out of the trash can. This all usually happens by October.
Introducing: "Sharpie Paint Pens"!

I got this pack at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. Don't forget the coupon! Then they only cost $12. Did you know that if you don't have a coupon, you can just bring it up on your smart phone at the register? 

I first saw this fab idea at the blog "Timeouts and Tootsie Rolls". My friend, Madalyn, and I decided to try this out this year. Then Madalyn had the great idea of color coding names so that we could create groups by color. So now we can say, "Purple People" pick up your group's papers.", or "Orange people will work together."


All you need is a Magic Eraser or nail polish remover to wipe off the names when you're ready to switch around seats. I've discovered that nail polish remover works best!

BYE-BYE name tags!


  1. Such a great idea! Ill be using this for kagan grouping! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I saw this idea too and am trying it this year. Have you tried writing over with the Expo pen as the Timouts and Tootsie Rolls suggested? Does that work?

    1. Yes, the dry erase marker works too. I've also tried nail polish remover, which I discovered works best.

    2. My desks look fabulous! I am so happy I tried this. I made some mistakes I had to correct and scribbled over with Expo, wiped off, then went back over with the Magic Eraser. Good to know about the nail polish remover. Caitlin (