Monday, July 15, 2013

Getting Organized with a Teacher Binder

How do you keep all those important papers organized throughout the year? When you go to a meeting, do you have to scour your desk and files for just the right paper work? I hate losing things and not being prepared. So after browsing Pinterest, I found the Teacher Binder idea. A Teacher Binder  is a binder (with divided sections) to keep your most used & important papers. This past school year was the first time I used a Teacher Binder, and let me tell you, I will never do without one! Here's a photo of my heavily used, but sturdy, binder:


Click here to download this freebie

With the new school year quickly approaching, I got the itch to create some new Teacher Binder designs. You can download these for free at my TPT store. There are three different designs- Multi Chevron,  Chevron, and Apple Dots. I've included 12 different divider pages- Teacher Binder, Student information, Student Data, Common Core Standards, Lesson Ideas, Groups, Classroom Management, Meeting Notes, Resources, Parent Communication, Calendars, and a blank page. After you print the dividers, put them in page protectors, and you're all set! I added small tabs to label the sections on the sides. When you walk into your first team meeting with your new Teacher Binder, everyone will be impressed with your organization! I promise. :)

Click here to download this Teacher Binder freebie

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