Saturday, July 13, 2013

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome all to my Project Second Grade blog! This is my first entry, so here's a little about myself. I teach second grade, and I'm in my 15th glorious year of teaching (half way to retirement!). I have experience with grades first through fifth as a Reading Specialist, 4th grade, and the best grade of all- 2nd grade. I will be sharing photos, ideas, freebies, inspiration, common core activities, management ideas, and much more! Even though my heart belongs to second grade, many ideas can be used in ANY grade. I encourage you to take any ideas and make them work for you and your classroom.

Speaking of making it work, this leads me into why I've titled my blog "Project Second Grade". Well, I am a TV junkie, and I love me some Project Runway. I love how the designers are given a variety of challenges and asked to make something beautiful. Isn't that what we do in teaching? We take all sorts of challenges and transform our students into beautiful life long learners. Sometimes you're given a lot, some times not so much. But whatever you have, you gotta make it work! Tim Gunn serves as the designers' mentor and provides constant feedback throughout the challenges. His best known quote is "Make it work!", no matter what.

So here's to "Making it Work" in all that we do! Please check back often for updates and ideas. Thank you for visiting "Project Second Grade"!

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